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** NEW INTAKE** – the updated 3-day programme is now released – so if you haven’t yet grabbed an opportunity to create a powerful, new, singular and best Competitive (and Compelling) Advantage, now is the time!

David Hood, Founding Director

Now its easier to come on board!

You now have the choice between a ONE day workshop, or the full THREE day workshop – and even an Non-Exec Director for Competitive Advantage! Just check link below:

Considered having a Non-Executive Director on your board? What about someone who is there solely to help you maximise your Competitive Advantage?

Imagine..... someone on your Board who is there to ensure you have your best competitive advantage, and it is sustained, for at least two years? Wow.... check out the details.... Download the NED Pack now >>

What’s in it for YOU?

Your Singular, Best Competitive, Compelling, Advantage & Edge

It is simple; we help you create your singular, best, unique Competitive Advantage, make it Compelling, and give you the ultimate EDGE, to increase your revenue, profit, position in your sector, and create your own market. And this Edge can last up to TWO YEARS!

Whatever the size or type of organisation, whatever the sector, whatever your strategy or situation. You can rapidly grasp a new, authentic, edge…. in only a few days! Much of competitive advantage and edge is down to your thinking; the standard management thinking is PREVENTING real competitiveness. You deserve better than just to be taking on the latest fad, tech, or business model. To be remarkable isnt some added ingredient or magic bullet – it is within you to think differently, and that is where the magic happens….

Top tip for Competitive Advantage:

Where are we?

Edinburgh, Scotland

We are located of course in the wonderful internationally renowned, capital city of the enlightenment. We are developing our new online platform and for now, you can register with us by clicking on the pulsating icon on the bottom right – so we can keep you up to date with developments!

Created and operated by Business people, for Business people.

What can I access right now?

Masterclasses & Workshops

We hold all our Workshops here, where you will find a superb environment to work up your Competitive and Compelling Advantage. Over one or two days, we guarantee to show you what is standing in the way of your achieving competitive advantage and the resulting compelling story (your offer), and set you off with a competitive boost you need to improve returns or revenue! Just subscribe below and we will ping you when the next Workshop is scheduled, and keep you up to date with the launch!

Non-Executive Director

Why not look at bringing in your own Non-Executive Director for Competitive Advantage?. Imagine – having your own NED on your Board! Not the usual NED with advice on business ideas and input, but working with you and your Team to ensure you are ALWAYS two years ahead of the competition? This could be the best person you have ever brought in to your organisation!


Scotland, like other countries has vibrant, specific key ‘industry’ sectors; and we are hosting invite-only Roundtable events dealing with those individual sectors: to address Competitive Advantage within those important sectors and markets, to develop true customer insight, uncover market-led value to help SMEs within those sectors survive and thrive. Watch out for announcements relating to these Roundtables – make sure that you are Registered (below) to receive alerts for these events, as only a limited number of SMEs can fit around the big boardroom table!

Conferences & Summits

Check out our Flagship conference events above; with our super strategic Partner Hashtag Events, we have two unmissable events – both on the same day, same location!.

The Edinburgh.Institute and Hashtag Events – bringing the Scottish SME sector the best, super-critical series of events and resources, throughout the year. Make sure you grab the opportunity to place yourself on the path to continuing success!

Online & Video

During 2019, we will bring you a number of videos and other online resources.

Check out this 20 minute video that will help you think afresh about how you view Competitive Advantage!

  • You think you know where and what your advantage is?
  • You want to know why it could be better?
  • Why it could be better than your competition?
  • Any organisation, and size, can grasp a meaningful advantage – see how 3 companies managed to do just that (click below)




You can Register now for the Institute

  • And our new sector-themed 2019 Roundtable series
  • And get info about forthcoming Workshops, flagship summits Competitive Advantage Scotland ™ and Digital Women
  • Memberships, and more…..

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