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  • Investors, NED/NXD, Board members

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Yes, up to 2 YEARS of an edge, in just a few DAYS!

This is the best investment you will ever make; whether you are a business owners, director, manager, non-exec or investor – imagine being able to develop a real and lasting advantage, and be able to deliver it again and again!

Your organisation, shareholders, investors, and of course your customers, will love you as you focus on aligning needs of the market with the needs of your organisation…

Rapidly craft a remarkable Competitive Advantage
thats is specifically YOURS

We have a focused range of options for you – from the Edinburgh Roundtable, an inclusive Bootcamp,
to a full 3-day exclusive AdvantEDGE workshop programme; your choice, to fit your needs

The Edinburgh Roundtables (online, invitation-only, free)

V.I.P. online discussions around key themes around Competitive Advantage within a small group of professionals; learn that simply a change in your thinking can quickly improve your edge – both personal and organisational

Competitive Advantage Bootcamp

In only 3 days (2+1) you dive in and learn how to go through a methodical, robust process of finding where and what your true advantage is, and gain your Certificate in Competitive Advantage at the same time

Competitive Advantage
AdvantEDGE Programme

3 days spent solely with your organisation, 1-on-1,  where you and your team uncover your singular best advantage, turn it into an irrefusable, powerful offer you can confidently present to Board, Staff and Customers

Your Business Tutors

Delivered by professional experienced business people, for business people

David Hood

Influential pioneering Author, Marketer and Competitiveness Strategist. Founding Director.

Calum McRae

Business Systems, Technology and Sales specialist, Client & Partnerships Manager

Escape the Matrix. Head for the Northern Light.


For less than 2 cups of coffee a day = 2 YEARS of an edge?

 Yes, for around a month’s executive salary, or the price of a couple of cups of coffee a day over your two-year advantage, you can secure your singular, best, unassailable edge!
An edge for you and your organisation – making you truly valuable (and irreplaceable) whilst developing and sustaining your organisation’s irrefusable offer… OWN your market!

Your Guarantee

Improve Personal Prowess

Instead of constantly having to fight to get ahead, personally and organisationally, focus your efforts where you can make the greatest positive impact… reduce stress and the lure and distraction of ‘the next-best-thing’!


Advantage & Results – Guaranteed!

Not only will you find YOUR advantage (that isn’t or cannot be replicated by anyone else, as only you possess the insight), you can use the process again and again.
We make sure you have the tools get results. Always.

New, for later in 2024…

A Smartphone APP – access everything, when you need it most

The main way to access the Edinburgh Institute’s programmes and other resources, will soon be through an APP. Registered Professionals and Clients will gain access, where online events, schedule of workshops and a host of value will be available – direct to your phone!
(Just in time – whilst you are at your Meeting, making important decisions and planning… with immediate help!)

What about taking a VACATION to Scotland…. AND increasing your competitive capability and improving your business at the SAME TIME?….  Travel, Learn, Relax!

Take a vacation in historic Scotland – the land of mountains, folklore, castles, innovation, and of course, whisky and golf. Whilst here, invest a couple of days in the Competitive Advantage programme – gain world class leadership skills and power up your business! Now that would be a memorable trip!

Roundtables ™

V.I.P. online free events…

  • Join with other Directors, Senior Managers, Owners and Executives in an exciting and thoughtful session at our Edinburgh Roundtable; a quick dive into how to adjust your thinking about Competitive Advantage…
  • Learn how to make YOURSELF more valuable to the organisations you serve, as well as how you can make the organisation itself more competitive – both at the same time!
  • And see how to increase profit, revenue, and improve the products or services, align to market and organisational needs, and confidently present this to the Board, Sales, Staff and Customers!

No more of the same desperate firefighting... escape the Matrix...

If you are one of the many that are fed up with trying just about everything to survive, yet alone thrive, then escape the Matrix and head toward us and the Northern Light! Break free, stand out, and become truly essential to your market!

Escape the Matrix... contact us...

Full insight & training 

Depending on which programme you take, you develop key skills in uncovering competitive advantage, actually using a proper process, and use your new skills again and again…

What to Expect

Never be stuck again!

Instead of the usual, desperate tactics that may not work, be assured that your new edge can be confidently deployed and presented to ANYONE
More certainty in an uncertain world!

Edinburgh Institute

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  • Next-generation business education
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