Privacy, Data & the GDPR

We look after your data here and only use it to communicate with you directly.

Any data - including information we hold on you - is sacrosanct here at the Institute; we may from time to time contact you about business matters of course, and any data is strictly secured within our single CRM system. We have consolidated systems and are limiting our use of outsourced services, to ensure our data is wholly contained within our company's systems. Our systems are moving and developing to enhance compliance with GDPR, so please be patient with us as we change over the coming months!

We only hold data to allow us to communicate with you, and keep you up to date and connected with the Edinburgh Institute. That data is basic, your name, contact details, how you connected with the Institute and where we have communicated and why; this information is stored for processing and delivery of our services to you, and only seen by our people. All data is business related and never shared with any third party.

We collect data through online forms, or where you have otherwise offered your details by way of introduction and this is contained solely within our singular CRM system. This means that your data is held compliance with GDPR requirements - held on a domain/servers within the EU and used solely by the Institute to perform services to you as you would expect.

You have the right to request what we hold on you, at no cost to you. We will offer the full data entry upon request; where you do not wish us to keep your data on record, or wish that data to be deleted, we can do that through a simple request. Our new GDPR-compliant system ensures that once a contact is identified as no longer wishing to be contacted using it, they are removed and no contact is permitted thereafter. To request a copy of any data we hold on you, please contact us using the form on the top right of this page.

Your Data

Safe, Secure, and Yours

In line with the new GDPR requirements, your data belongs to you. As an Institute and company, we recognise the importance of data, privacy and custodianship of your data, and can be assured we will handle it to the best of our ability.


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