The 3 Day Competitive & Compelling Advantage Programme…. v.2019

What is it worth to you, to gain an advantage that CAN LAST UP TO TWO YEARS?

We think it is worth the investment of your time – only 3 days – and some funds – around a month’s salary – so that you can grasp your singular, best, competitive & compelling advantage (your U.S.P.)

And it will LAST. We work with you over 3 days to rapidly produce an advantage that is wholly yours; we don’t advocate you simply ‘try the next best thing / technology / fad / management guru advice’, but instead we create something with you that is specifically yours, and which can effectively improve your revenue and profit, and even create your own market.

You own your market. How cool is that? It can be done. Very quickly.

And what do you need to do, in addition to spending a little money and time with us? Not much. You simply have to change the way you think about competitive advantage.

Now that is not too much to ask, surely? For your new advantage that puts you head in the market; that may last up to TWO YEARS?

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‘Forensic’….. ‘Myth-busting!’….. ‘We had all the answers’….. ‘This challenged the standard approach to business improvement’….. ‘De-cluttered our Strategy’….. ‘Thought-provoking!’…..

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1, 2, or 3 day options - or an Non-Executive Director!

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