Competitive & Compelling Advantage 3-DAY PROGRAMME


A full and comprehensive intense 3 day programme, that gives you an opportunity to condense the process to a short time, to rapidly give you a result within only a few days!

This means less time away from your work, and you can secure your Competitive & Compelling Advantage in less than a week. More info below 👇

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Day ONE:
Introduction to a better way to think about Competitive Advantage; rapidly
uncovering what is preventing you from currently identifying and realising your
Revenue and Growth objectives, and in turn determining where your new
remarkable Advantage may lie

Day TWO:
Creating and shoring up your developing new Advantage, to demonstrate real
value and an unassailable competitive position; exploring and determining
what that advantage will realise in terms of the financial (and other) benefits
this will provide for you, and your Customers or Clients

The final day takes your new strong Competitive Advantage and translates it into
a Compelling Advantage; this provides rich material for all your promotional
purposes, presentations, online web/social content, and your new elevator
pitch – securing interest and becoming more attractive to your market


More info about the Programme

  • Discover that in your Industry or Market there are things holding you back, and how to overcome those hurdles, getting ahead of competitors
  • Realise that your Competitive Advantage, Compelling Advantage and resulting Offer and Edge are rarely where, or what, you think they are…
  • Challenge industry-norm assumptions; they are there to be challenged!
  • Gain an insight into how, with a simple change in thinking, you can create not only your own singular, best competitive advantage and turn that into an edge, but you can reduce stress, drop things that don’t work, and
    focus on a superior advantage…. one that solely belongs to YOU.
  • This isn’t a ‘once-size-fits-all’ exercise; any company taking the programme develops its own unique advantage. It is a real joy to witness not only the
    creation of something tangible, practical and deployable that isn’t based on the ‘next new fad’, but a singular advantage that is wholly yours.

Remember, (to paraphrase the late great Eli Goldratt):
~ If you tinker with your Price and Promotion, you may get around TWO DAYS advantage
~ If you desperately grab the next fad, or change your product or service feature, you may get up to TWO MONTHS
~ But if you change your thinking, and see the main advantage yet to be uncovered, something remarkable in your industry, just below your nose,
you can get up to TWO YEARS.

Competitive & Compelling Advantage

Competitive Advantage: a clear, concise, and powerful advantage that is readily deployable; together we work up powerful illustrative diagrams showing where the advantage is, and what the resulting benefit will be to the member organisation and its customers.

Compelling Advantage: a translated advantage for use in promotional copy, branding, elevator pitches, presentations, content creation and creating offers (including your authentic ‘Brand Story’)
A means to create your own market; to meet a real and significant need in the market, which is not yet satisfied, to a degree that no-one else is capable of doing or emulating’, resulting in an remarkable edge

Location and Attendance

The whole programme is delivered at Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus; the campus is easy to reach, with many city bus services taking only 20 minutes from the city centre, or a 15 minute taxi ride from the city centre (rail stations) or the airport.

Options - additional days

You may wish to take some more time to flesh out your new advantage, and we can offer further time in day or more, that can be added to your programme, or afterwards if you wish.

These extra days are charged at £650 per day to those who have purchased the original Programme.


A small group of your people – CEO, Owners, Senior Directors or Managers – anyone involved in making big decisions about Revenue, Income, Profit, and ‘run the organisation’. If you can have a customer-facing senior member along too, that would help!

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