Competitive Advantage 4×4


A rapid series of 4 x 4 hour sessions, to uncover your Singular, Best, Competitive Advantage.
(Delivered at the Edinburgh Institute, or for an additional charge, at your company premises).



Can it be done? In only 4 short sessions or only 4 hours each?

Yes. We work with you and your top people to rapidly get to that singular, best competitive advantage.

One that is YOURS; not just some ideas from the market, or lame case study or magic bullet new shiny thing. This is the real deal… complete and utter advantage, from right under the nose of your competitors.

Your Competitive Advantage is neither what you think it is, or where you think it is. But it is here… and in only 16 hours, we will uncover it for you and when you finish smiling, unleash it….

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