Compelling Advantage 4×4


A rapid series of 4 x 4 hour sessions, to create your Compelling Advantage – your irrefusable offer!.
(Delivered at the Edinburgh Institute, or for an additional charge, at your company premises).



If you have your Competitive Advantage, then what do you do with it? Leave it to the market – your Prospects and Customers, or Clients, to grasp and understand? Or do you ensure that it is wholly packaged up to project into the market as a COMPELLING offer?

  • Create the ‘Brand’ around the competitive advantage
  • Based on your authentic STORY (this is superb for use in promotions, article and blog writing, and knowing what you are all about)
  • See how your new Elevator Pitch can be assembled and presented with confidence
  • And of course, make it sizzle!
  • Couple this with the Competitive Advantage 4×4 to maximise your chances of revenue improvement!

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