The Edinburgh Institute and Glenshore have built a strong partnership to offer you world-class growth and exit dealmaking advisory services in Scotland

The Edinburgh Institute’s mission is to stimulate your business growth by reshaping your company’s positioning for maximum relevance and impact. Our partnership with Glenshore enables us to offer you to unlock further value potential through dealmaking, whether your ambition is even faster growth or selling your company.

Glenshore is an international advisory house providing world-class, tailored transaction and strategic advisory services, specialising in mergers & acquisitions, financing, commercial & licensing, exit and spinoff deals.

Glenshore’s distinctive approach is underpinned by its team of highly regarded dealmakers and industry experts. They work with corporate, financial and governmental leaders and empower them to simultaneously maximise financial value and successfully bind with the right partners, holistically across traditional and technology sectors, and globally across continents.

Glenshore is headquartered in London with a team spread across North America, Continental Europe, the Middle-East and Asia Pacific, offering global reach. Glenshore also has a local team in Edinburgh dedicated to cover Scotland.

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Growth and Exit Transactions

Whether your ambition is to grow your business further or exit your company, our team advises you on the relevant types of corporate finance and business development transactions to pursue, based on your objectives and strategy. We then help you to find a buyer to sell your company, find an investor to raise capital, find a commercial partner to boost your revenue, or find a target company to benefit from synergies and additional capabilities, and close a deal with them.

Merger, Acquisition,
and Partial or Full Exit

Equity and Debt
Capital Raising

Business Development
and Commercial Contracts


World-Class End-to-End Deal Process Management, Tailored to Your Needs

As dealmakers, we run the transaction process for you and provide careful and focused end-to-end deal process management on each engagement, covering all of the requirements to make a successful deal and maximise the value of your company.

Strategic Advisory
Financial Engineering

Access to Buyers, Targets and Investors

Management of All Involved Parties

Proposals Assessment and Negotiations

A Leading Edge Global and Holistic Approach, Guided by Meaning

The business world has significantly transformed over the past 50 years. Business leaders must adapt their decision making process to numerous new shifts that have brought new strategic and financial challenges.

Glenshore was designed and built to provide business leaders with an approach that addresses these shifts. We enable you to identify a wider range of potential strategic options and to make meaningful decisions to achieve your growth or exit ambitions. Our unique positioning lies in our multi-dimensional, global approach and guiding principles.

Holistic understanding of Traditional and Technology-centric sectors

We have built an in-depth knowledge of traditional and technology sectors by working alongside leading companies in their fields. This enables us to have a holistic understanding of your competition and potential paths of growth or exit.

Global presence by design, with access to decision makers in key business hubs

Our global footprint offers an unparalleled reach to strategic, financial and governmental partners in key business hubs (New York, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong) and a deep insight into local trade culture.

Our aim for meaningful outcomes is at the forefront of our guiding principles

We hold ourselves accountable to our five guiding principles. They are not just words to the team, they are at the forefront of all the decisions we make and actions we take. Our aim for meaningful outcomes is at the top of our list. 

Want your company to meaningfully achieve its full value potential through growth or when you exit?
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Amine Laouedj

CEO, Glenshore

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